Endorsed Candidates
for 2018 Midterm Elections:

For more information on a candidate click their name


WA District 7 Congressional Representative – Pramila Jayapal (Click to Donate)

WA District 8 Congressional Representative – Kim Schrier (Click to Donate)

WA District 9 Congressional Representative – Adam Smith (Click to Donate)

WA State Senator – Maria Cantwell

LD33 Representative – Tina Orwall (Click to Donate)

LD33 Senator – Karen Keiser (Click to Donate)

LD33 Representative – Mia Gregerson (Click to Donate)

Washington State Supreme Court Justice – Steven Gonzalez (Click to Donate)

King County District Court Judges – Jason Poidras (Donate) & Rhonda Lauman (Donate)

King County Prosecutor – Daron Morris (Click to Donate)