July 7, 2016


2016 is a presidential election year. To date, the 33rd District Democrats have made the following endorsements:

President/VP: Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine
US Representative, District 7: Pramila Jayapal
US Representative, District 8: Tony Ventrella
US Representative, District 9: Adam Smith
WA Governor: Jay Inslee
WA Lt. Governor: Cyrus Habib
WA Secretary of State: Tina Podlodowski
WA Attorney General: Bob Ferguson
WA Lands Commissioner: Hilary Franz
WA Superintendent of Public Instruction: Chris Reykdal
33rd District Representative, pos 1: Tina Orwall
33rd District Representative, pos 2: Mia Gregerson
Washington State Supreme Court, pos 1: Mary Yu
Washington State Supreme Court, pos 5: Barbara Madsen
Washington State Supreme Court, pos 6: Charles (Charlie) Wiggins
KC Superior Court, pos 14: Nicole Gaines-Phelps
KC Superior Court, pos 26: David Keenan
KC Superior Court, Pos 31: Helen Halpert
KC Superior Court, pos 44: Cathy Moore
KC Superior Court, pos 44: Eric Newman
KC Superior Court, pos 52: Anthony Gipe
KC Superior Court, pos 53: Marianne Spearman
SW District Court, pos 3: Laurel Gibson
Regional Transit Authority Proposition #1 (ST3): YES


If you are a candidate who seeks an endorsement from the 33rd, please fill out the following form: