July 7, 2016


While 2017 is not a presidential election year, we believe it is just as important – if not more so – to get out and vote for your local Democratic candidates seeking public office.

Please see our list of endorsed candidates, below. This list will be updated as the election season continues, with information on the candidates available by clicking on their names.

Burien City Council
1.? Pedro Olguin, Position 1
2.? Jimmy Matta, Position 3
3.? Nancy Tosta, Position 5 (Incumbent)
4.? Krystal Marx, Position 7

Des Moines City Council
1.? Chad Harper, Position 7
2.? Matt Pina, Position 1 (Incumbent)
3. Vic Pennington, Position 3 (Incumbent)
4.? Harry Steinmetz, Position 5

Kent City Council
1. Satwinder Kaur

King County Sheriff
1. Sheriff John Urquhart (Incumbent)

King County Council
1.? Dave Upthegrove (Incumbent)

Port of Seattle
1. Ken Rogers, Position 4

Renton City Council
1. Ruth Perez, Position (Incumbent)