Executive Board

Elected Officers

Chair: Tim Clark
Vice-Chair: Jackie Boschok
Secretary: Kim Khanh Van
Treasurer: Jennifer Carey
State Committeeman: Dan Santon
State Committeewoman: Georgia Davenport
King County Committeeman: Don Bennett
King County Committeewoman: Carol Anne Maiers
KC Male Alt: Jim Langston
KC Female Alt: Kim Khanh Van
KC LAC Rep 1: Terri Lindeke
KC LAC Rep 2:  Joshua Russert
KC LAC Alt:  –

Appointed Officers

Registrar: TBD
KC YD Rep Male: TBD
KC YD Rep Female: TBD
Sgt-at-Arms: TBD
Parliamentarian: TBD
PCO Coordinator: TBD

Committee Chairs

Events and Outreach: TBD
Endorsement Committee: TBD
Communications Committee: TBD

If you are interested in an vacant Board position, or an Endorsement, Events and Outreach, or Communications Committee position, please contact Tim Clark at chair@33rddistrictdemocrats.org.