2016 Caucus

The process of selecting national delegates has four major steps. Each step requires certain actions to be taken, such as electing delegates, passing resolutions, or approving a platform.

Though you do not need to be elected as a delegate or alternate at a prior level to run as a delegate or alternate at the next level of the process, only delegates and alternates seated to replace absent delegates are allowed to cast votes at each level of the delegate selection process.

Precinct Caucuses
Saturday, March 26, 2016 beginning at 10:00 am. Find your location.

Delegate Selection
The principal business of the precinct caucuses will be electing delegates and alternates that will attend the legislative district caucus and King County Convention. Everyone can participate, but ONLY registered voters (and persons seventeen years of age who will be eligible to vote on or before November 8, 2016) who are willing to sign at statement at the Caucus that they are Democrats may vote.

Voters support their Presidential candidate of choice, with each candidate being awarded the proportion of delegates that corresponds with their percentage of support. The numbers you need to work out the final proportions will be present at the Caucus.

Participants at the Precinct Caucuses may also bring resolutions to be considered and platform ideas. However, all resolutions and platform ideas will be passed on to the King County Convention; none will be passed or approved at the Precinct Caucuses themselves.

PCO Recruiting
The largest portion of participants in the 2016 Caucus/Convention cycle will happen at the Precinct Caucuses. This is also the best place to recruit Precinct Committee Officers (PCO). We’ll be asking of everyone in precincts that don’t have a PCO if they would like to become one.

For those who become delegates, alternates, or wish to continue participating, the next steps are below.

Legislative District Caucuses
Sunday, April 17, 2016 beginning at 1:00 pm. Location Mt. Rainier High School.

All Delegates and Alternates elected at the Precinct Caucuses must attend the Legislative District Caucuses. Others may attend as well to both participate in discussions as well as to have a chance at being elected as a Delegate/Alternate if a previously elected Delegate/Alternate does not show up.

The legislative district caucuses will elect delegates and alternates to the congressional district caucuses and to the State Convention. Though Legislative district caucuses may also adopt platforms, the 33rd will not be doing so this year.

Questions? 2016caucus@33rddistrictdemocrats.org

Sunnycrest Elementary School
ACC Bruce Anderson bkanderson@yahoo.com 206-407-7375

Woodmont Elementary School
ACC Marianne Primeau mizzle84@gmail.com

East Hill Elementary School
ACC Elizabeth Albertson elizabethalbertson@comcast.net 206-595-3627 & Dan Streiffert dan_streiffert@hotmail.com 253-796-2205

Kent Elementary School
ACC Tim Clark ttclark@earthlink.net

Neely-O’Brien Elementary School
ACC Brenda Fincher Brendafincherbf@gmail.com

Springbrook Elementary School
ACC Lionel Forde l_forde@comcast.net

Wesley Gardens
ACC Don & Molly Cone donaldcome73@yahoo.com (206)-870-2063 & Don Carmignani donnbev@msn.com 206-248-1562

Bow Lake Elementary School
ACC Wendy Morgan wendyam2@msn.com 206-246-2165 & Barry Ladenburg b.e.ladenburg@gmail.com

Cedarhurst Elementary School
ACC Don Bennett bennettDonere@aol.com 206-242-9113

Marvista Elementary School
ACC Brian Carey brianjc@earthlink.com & Georgia Davenport georgia.d.davenport@gmail.com 970-799-3353

Mt. Rainier High School
ACC Paula Joneli pjoneli@comcast.net 206-878-2171

North Hill Elementary School
Cheryl Birdsong juneauscc@qwest.net 206-870-1994, Steve & Chris Juneau