Call to 33rd Democrats Reorganization

Monday, January 19, 2015
6:30 PM registration, 7:00 PM call to order
Normandy Park Congregational Church
19247 1st Avenue South, Normandy Park, WA

The District meeting will be convened by either the King County Chair or his designated appointee, who will preside until the election of our next District chair. Below are the Agenda and Rules proposed by the King County Democrats. Re-organizations are a great opportunity to meet and greet other PCOs, Party members and leaders, and our elected officials. Aside from the local elections in 2015, 2016 will see elections for all of our state-wide offices and an open US Presidential caucus. We will need to hit the ground running from the beginning.

Proposed Agenda

  • Call to Order by Temporary Meeting Chair
  • Flag Salute
  • Appointment of Secretary, Parliamentarian, Sergeant-at-Arms and Tally Committee
  • Credentials Report
  • Adoption of Agenda and Meeting Rules
  • Adoption of District Organization Bylaws and Standing Rules
  • Election of District Chair (who presides from this point on)
  • Appointment of District Credentials Committee (if needed)*
  • Election of All Other District Officers (ordered as per District Rules)*
    • District Credentials Report regarding non-PCO members*
  • Approval of PCO Applications (if any)
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • Good of the Order
  • Adjournment

* The Temporary Meeting Chair may customize proposed agenda items as warranted, for example, to expand “Election of All Other District Officers” into an actual list of officers. Moreover, if a District Credentials Committee is actually needed, that committee’s report must occur prior to the first election in which non-PCOs are allowed to vote (see Rule 5).

Guest speakers may be introduced and/or allowed speaking privileges at the discretion of the Temporary Meeting Chair or newly elected District Chair.

Proposed Rules

  1. The meeting shall be called to order by a Temporary Meeting Chair, who shall be either the KCDCC Chair or his/her designee. The Temporary Meeting Chair
    • shall have appointed a Credentials Committee to administer sign-ins for the District’s Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs);
    • shall also appoint, for the meeting, a Secretary, Parliamentarian, Sergeant-at-Arms, and Tally Committee; and
    • shall preside until a District Chair has been elected.
  2. Anytime after adoption of the Agenda and meeting Rules, the body may adopt bylaws. In the event no new bylaws are adopted at the meeting, the existing District Organization bylaws are acknowledged as remaining in effect. Regardless of whether bylaws adoption is postponed, the body may adopt standing rules for the District Organization.
  3. Only District-resident PCOs elected at the August 5, 2014 primary–including those elected by virtue of being the only candidate to file in a precinct–shall be eligible to vote on the adoption of bylaws or in elections for:
    • District Chair;
    • Vice-Chair (i.e., the office considered to be the Vice Chair of the organization for WSD purposes, even if the actual title is different; e.g., “First Vice-Chair” or “Vice-Chair for Pierce County”);
    • State Committeeman and State Committeewoman;
    • Representatives and Alternates to the KCDCC Executive Board, including the Vice-Chair for King County in those districts where such office exists and differs from the Vice-Chair of the organization per clause “(b)” above;
    • Representatives to other county central committees, as applicable; Representatives to congressional district organizations, as applicable.
  4. Officer elections shall proceed in the sequence specified by District rules (as defined in Rule 9), which, in turn, defaults to the order the offices are first listed in the District Organization’s bylaws, so long as
    • the District Chair is elected first, and,
    • if District rules fail to provide for election of one or more of the officers listed in Rule 3 as required by WSD or county committee bylaws, those missing elections shall be held, in the order specified by Rule 3, immediately after the election for the last required office provided for.
  5. If there exist officer positions or subsequent business on which non-PCO members of the District Organization may vote, and such voting members exist (even if only potentially via renewal of membership with immediate voting rights pursuant to District rules):
    • a District Credentials Committee to process membership renewals and issue credentials to eligible non-PCO members present shall be formed as per District rules, or, if District rules do not address such matter, shall be appointed by the District Chair upon his/her election; and
    • upon completion of the last officer election prior to those officer elections and subsequent business that non-PCO members may vote on,
      1. the meeting shall, if necessary, recess to allow completion of membership renewals and credentialing for all non-PCO members present at that time, following which
      2. the District Credentials Committee shall report on the non-PCO members, which shall include the total number of such members credentialed; provided, however, that credentials issued to non-PCO members must be visually distinct from those issued to PCOs, and any ballots issued to non-PCO members must be visually distinct from those used for elections where only PCOs are allowed to vote.
  6. The process for nominating and electing all positions shall include the following:
    • Call for nominations.
    • Closing of nominations.
    • One-minute nomination speech for each candidate, in which the order of speeches is determined by the order of nomination.
    • One-minute seconding speech for each candidate.
    • Speakers for all races may be PCOs, candidates, or other residents of the Legislative District willing to publicly declare themselves as Democrats.
  7. Uncontested candidates may be elected by acclamation. For contested elections, a written ballot is required.When PCOs vote for organizational officers (e.g., chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, state committeepersons), they do not have to vote by signed ballot provided that there is a mechanism to ensure the eligibility of those who cast ballots; e.g., a check-off list, sign-in-sheet, or ballot receipts. (WSD Charter VII.G.2). If District rules do not specify whether signed ballots are required in this case, this decision shall be made by the body prior to election of the District Chair.
  8. Persons approved by the body to be appointed to fill a PCO vacancy do not actually become PCOs until appointment by the County Chair, and no such appointment shall be effective prior to adjournment of the reorganization meeting. This does not preclude such persons being treated as members of the District Organization immediately upon approval if District rules so allow.
  9. District rules, i.e., the District Organization’s bylaws, special rules of order, standing rules, and designated parliamentary authority–or, lacking such, the latest edition of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised–shall govern all other aspects of the meeting.

Open Positions