4th of July Parade in Burien

July 4th is the Annual Burien 4th of July Parade, and the 33rd will participate!

All we need you to do is:
1. Come about 2pm ready to walk in the parade.
2. Ask at the information table where the 33rd’s assigned spot is. They can direct you to where we are.
3. Make sure you have comfortable shoes and bring plenty of sunscreen and water.

We’ll be bringing water as well if you forget. We’ll also have candy to pass around, though if you wish to bring some to augment that would be great. Last year we ran out about half way through.

We’ll also have signs and the 33rd banner to hold while we walk. There will be plenty of candidates to walk with us too, such as Congressman Jim McDermmot, Rep Tina Orwall, Rep Mia Gregerson, and Senator Karen Keiser.

The parade starts at 3pm and takes about 30-45 minutes to walk. Hope to see you there!