New Website Layout!

Going into 2014, we would like to streamline the 33rd website. Our goals are to make the information you want to find easily accessible, and to make your browsing experience more enjoyable. We hope that the new layout will be more intuitive. Changes to the website will continue over the coming months.

We would love to hear what you think of the new layout, as well as any suggestions you may have. Please comment here or contact us. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “New Website Layout!

  • Nice layout and interface. I note with understanding that the link to the by-laws and the district map are not yet active.
    1) can someone e-mail me the by-laws plz?
    2) any idea how long until the links are hot?
    3) is there any way I can help on the web site? (I’ve had all the training, but never been able to use it)

  • The links on the sidebar of the front page should be working (many of which I copied over from the Links page and updated) I forgot to go back and fix the links on the actual link page. The by-laws are in the side bar under “Frequently Requested” and the district finder is under “Information and Resources.”

    As for helping with the website, I’m not sure that’s possible since you would need the password to login and it’s not my call as to who to share it with. I would contact Omaha to ask permission.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Chris, webmaster

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