Last night, December 3, the PCOs of the 33rd District Democrats headed the call and engaged in a rare but important Democratic Process…nominating candidates for the first House seat in the 33rd, recently vacated by Dave Upthegrove who was elected to the King County Council this past November.

Three candidates were nominated: former Kent City Councilmember Elizabeth Albertson, SeaTac City Councilmember Mia Gregorson, and 33rd LD Democrat Chair Omaha Sternberg. Early on, Chair Sternberg made it clear that she was not serious about the position but was honored nonetheless about the nomination. But with two excellent examples of progressive women candidates to choose from, the 33rd PCOs had a hard choice to make. But make it they did.


Elizabeth Albertson came in first, Mia Gregorson second, and Omaha Sternberg third. The names of these candidates were confirmed last night at a later meeting by the King County Democrats, as required by law, and now will be sent to the King County Council. In January, the King County Council will choose one to go to the House to represent the 33rd, and barring the unexpected, the Council will choose the first nominee of the PCOs.