Ballott Initiative Media Roundup

Ballot Initiative Media Roundup

Yes on 1098


Vote Yes on I-1098

How much will I-1098 save you?

Tax the Filthy Rich!

Printable poster:

I-1098 opponent warns, ‘You and I are next’

PI Reader Endorsements:

No on 1053

Vote No on I-1053

Rep. Carlyle Gets All 1787 on Tim Eyman

Force focus to be on reform (yes endorsement)

No on 1082

Web ad:

I-1082, bad for workers, vote ‘no’

Economy, lawsuits hammer at BIAW

Businesses speak out against I-1082

No on 1100/1105

TV ads:

Vote No on 1100, 1105; leg. should privatize booze

Liquor changes could leave local governments woozy

PI Reader endorsements:

Association of Washington Cities has .pdf breakdowns of taxes, costs and likely number of liquor outlets by city. Visit their website and click on “initiatives” in the top right.

No on 1107

Wal-Mart joins forces with Costco to peddle Initiative 1100 (liquor deregulation)

Soda makers raise ante, contribute again to tax-rollback measure

Yes on R52

Everybody wins

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