ALERT!! Small-Business Leaders, Local Residents Host Green Jobs Event

ALERT!! This event is happening today, May 27th.

Local small-business leaders and residents of Seattle will host a green-jobs rally and tour of area clean energy homes on Wednesday, May 27, in the High Point neighborhood of West Seattle.

The event is being organized by the Seattle chapter of, which has about 50,000 members in the Seattle metro area. At the rally, local residents will call on Congress to pass the American Clean Energy and Security Act, which the House of Representatives is expected to vote on this summer. If passed, the bill would create high-paying jobs, reduce electricity and heating costs for local households, and keep America competitive in the global economy.

WHEN: 4:00 pm, Wednesday, May 27, 2009. The tour is expected to last 1-2 hours.
WHERE: See the site for more information about where the event takes place.