PCO Training and Project Canvass Information

Thanks to everyone who attended the 33rd Dems meeting last night. It was a great meeting! For those who had asked, here are the links and details to the PCO Training and Obama Project Canvass information we talked about last night.

King County Democrats PCO Training webpages: unfortunately, I noticed when I looked there this morning that the PCO handbook they have online is in fact the old 2004 version. So if you are a PCO, make sure to get your current version from Michael Miele.

Project Pledge Canvass: On Saturday, March 21st, thousands of people across the country are organizing the first national day of action by hosting Pledge Project Canvasses, where they’ll talk to their neighbors and ask them to pledge support for Barack Obama’s plan to restore our economy. Go to http://my.barackobama.com/pledgecanvass to join in and be a part of the spread of knowledge and the day of action.