The 33rd LD Democrats – “Working for You”

This is the official call for the King County Convention, starting at 1 PM, Sunday, May 1st, 2016.

We will meet at:

Oliver M. Hazen High School
1101 Hoquiam Avenue NE
Renton, WA 98059

Our doors will open at 11 AM – please come early to register for the convention.

Please make sure your fellow delegates and alternates know about the convention, as we want to make sure the word gets out to the broadest number possible.

A fee of $20 at registration, to pay for this event and related activities of the King County Democrats, is requested but not mandatory. Neither Presidential campaign nor the Washington State Democratic Party provides financial assistance for this event. If you wish, you can pre-register and contribute via credit card here.

Smoking is prohibited within the building and on the outside grounds of the facility.

Parking is somewhat limited within and immediately outside the facility. Please carpool if possible. There is a parking lane at Hoquiam Avenue NE that looks like an extra wide bike lane. Please do not park on the opposite side of this parking lane or you are likely to be ticketed.

If you need to use mass transportation, you can find your route here.

The entry gate for the convention is at the far south end of the school, just east of the swimming pool.

Food and water will not be sold at this event. If you wish to rent a portion of a table to sell other items, please contact Omaha Sternberg at Half a standard 5′ to 6′ table length can be rented for $25, while a full standard 5′ to 6′ table length can be rented for $50.

If you wish to be a volunteer for the event, please contact Di Irons at

PLEASE NOTE: The purpose of this convention is twofold. First, to review and confirm the proposed Platform of the King County Democrats, and second,to vote on aggregate resolutions provided to the King County Democratic Party by participants in the precinct caucuses earlier this year. This is the heart of who we are as a political party and of what we stand for.

We will NOT be voting to select delegates or alternates to the Washington State Democratic Party convention in Tacoma in mid-June.The only path left in that regard is through the Congressional District caucuses, which take place May 21st. (You can find out more here.)

The proposed set of Convention Rules is here.

The proposed Platform of the King County Democrats is here.

The set of aggregate resolutions to review is here at the bottom of the page.

Thanks, and we’ll see you Sunday.

Rich Erwin


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